DIY concrete kit - HEART Votive


Let's make MEMORIES


A DIY concrete votive kit would make the perfect gift for kids (and adults) this year.

Experience gifts are the HOT new thing for good reason.


  • Something fun to look forward to
  • Building social connections
  • Keep their crafty hands busy

This kit is geared to be easy and a small scale project. I've expertly assembled all the materials you will need, except the water, and give detailed instructions along with a video tutorial. I made it super simple for you! 

And now you can even take a virtual workshop! So grab a friend and sign up together!

We can get creative together and good things can happen.


Kit includes:

Cement, Card Stock, Wooden stir stick, Glue Stick, Felt feetGlass votive & candle, Gloves, Instructions, Video link and a Hashtag to share on Instagram!


AND it's so versatile, it can be used as:

Votive candle holder, Salt and Pepper cellar, Paper Clip holder, or Ring Holder

Video Tutorial: