DIY concrete kit - Picture Holder


Surround yourself with loved ones...

Or the next best thing, pictures of them...We have what you are looking for.

Spruce up your desk or home with new pictures of the ones you love.

:: The kit provides all the supplies you need for a set of 6, minus water! It can hold pictures, recipes and cards.

The added bonus of this DIY Home Decor project is that your house will get a little revamping without breaking the budget!

This kit is geared to be the easiest and a small scale project. You get detailed instructions with pictures to guide you along the process.

You are not alone. And now you can even take a virtual workshop! So grab a friend and sign up together!

We can get creative together and good things can happen.


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Kit includes:

Cement, 6 Paper clips, 6 Glass votives, Instructions, and a Hashtag to share on Instagram!