Cactus :: Colorful AND Sweet!

Crazy to think a cactus can make something so COLORFUL and SWEET !!

Transcript of video:

Today we're going to show you how to make prickly pear juice. I'm Jennifer DeKoeyer Crump and I'm the designer at Zatka Décor.

As you can see our prickly pear cactus is ready to be harvested. There's so many fruits this year. So we're going to get our kitchen tongs out, protect our hands and fill up a bucket, I want to leave a lot of extra room. And we're going to use our garden hose and we're going to fill up our water bucket and all that water is going to agitate and all of the prickly pears will be bouncing off each other and knocking off those thorns. It helps with handling, gets rid of a lot thorns.

Carry those tongs back inside and we're going to individually cut off the skins of each of the prickly pears, I prefer to take the seeds out. That's why we're going through these steps. And once you take the skin off, put all of them in the blender and get out one of your metal sieves or any fine sieve that you have. Could be cheese cloth as well. But a regular, you know, kitchen noodle strainer is going to have holes that are too big for these seeds. But I grabbed my spatula here and I like to give it a once over. Push the pulp thru the strainer and now we have a lot of the seeds leftover, ready to be composted. And don't forget, there's a lot that can be on the bottom, just hanging on there. Now we're ready to pour into your container of choice. And I like to go about 50/50 you can always give it a taste test. It's a little too thick to go straight, but you can as well. Add a little ice and filtered water and you're ready to start.

And this is a perfect late summer treat for us. My kids love it. And It's a naturally sweet juice, but it's also a great mixer. So you guys have a great weekend and this is Zatka Decor, giving you tips on garden and cooking.

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