My Story

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We’re different, By Design.

At Zatka Décor I know that you want modern décor that stands out. 

My artisan concrete & marble décor is for the modern woman looking for unique designs to reflect her unique taste. She invests her money into what she loves and believes in: good design, handmade, woman owned, and especially ethically & sustainably produced products.

At Zatka Décor I know that you want your house to reflect your personality, to tell a story and stand out in a sea of sameness. Small details matter.


How Zatka came about:

My timing is not perfect, but maybe it’s for the better, I’ve learned a lot.

The last time I started a business the 2009 recession hit on top of the devastating and unexpected loss of my sister and father only a few months apart.

Jump ahead another decade, I quit my stem cell lab technician job to focus full time on my home decor business the exact month mother nature releases a world pandemic.

But with that unfortunate timing I have also been able to take bold leaps that maybe I would not have done otherwise. It made me more determined and protective of my time. I have focused on what a home needs to be in these times and how my products can help.

After having to sort out two households it became clear to me that each object in your home should be a talisman that recharges us, and we also should value experiences over material things, life is short. This led me to also creating DIY kits to give us a since of achievement and prove that we can thrive thru creativity.

To find out more about me and Zatka Decor, please follow us on Instagram @zatkadecor, and post your favorite Zatka stories to #zatkadecor

And where did the Zatka name come from?

I combined the end of my children’s names. anZA, siTKA.

Anza: for the Anza Borego Dessert here in CA where we started our family

Sitka: for the tallest Sitka Spruce Tree