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Should I get a storage unit?

Americans have an odd addiction. Storage units.


All fueled by the need for more and the lack of simplifying. The industry likes to promote it’s a short-term solution for the 4 D’s: Death, Divorce, Downsizing, Dislocation but combine our contemporary hoarding habits with the attempt to gain happiness or status thru the acquisition of goods you have the perfect conditions for the storage boom.

We have six times more stuff than the generation before us.

This is where my less is more really shows. We shouldn’t need a storage unit. I feel strongly that what’s out of sight is out of mind and you tend to forget about what is in that storage unit. Then it begs the question of why do we need one at all?

Of course, there might be moments we need storage when moving or other transitional times, but not long-term storage. I was thoroughly surprised a few years ago when a friend casually said that she picked up something out of her storage unit. The back story that you're missing is that she has a large house and a garage. It really surprised me.

If we consciously think about each object that enters our house, do I really need it? Does it have that something special? Does it fill a niche that’s needed? then our home can be a source of calm for our busy lives.

This also brings up the notion of why I love experience gifts so much as well, here's a short video I made that I think you will like. 

Mothers Day is around the corner... hint hint... what a lovely surprise it would be to get a heart votive made by your loved ones.

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