Why spending money on experiences makes us happier, red lifeguard stand on pristine beach and wispy clouds

Why Experience Gifts make us so HAPPY...

I made a fun video or you can skip to the list below:

  1. 'Happiness over material items quickly fades."
  2. "Experiences define your purpose and passions."
  3. "Possessions don’t contribute to social relationships."
  4. "Moments are more memorable."
  5. "Experiences introduce you to a whole new world."
  6. "Stuffocation."
  7. "It’s no fun keeping up with Joneses."

We have all been transformed over the past year.

DIY gives us a chance to learn something new and have fun at the same time. ⁠It's way more affordable than getting on a plane and hitting the tropical beaches [we can do that soon I hope].

3 kits available now: Heart Votive, Votive, Picture Holders.⁠

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Loved the inspiration from John Rampton at Entrepreneur⁠. Read the full article here.