7 Ways to REFRESH your home on a budget

7 Ways to REFRESH your home on a budget

Elevate your home decor on a budget.

We are all looking around our homes and trying to find ways to spruce things up and add new life to the same four walls. I've created a great go-to list of ideas as well as resources to help you take your decor to the next level. 

Let's all strive to thrive!

Here ya go! Pull up your sleeves and go for it.

1 :: Shuffle around your decor.

Many times we have an excess of things to display. Dig those treasures out of the closet and shuffle around what you already have. Aim to reduce clutter and hold back some items to rotate out at a later date again.

2 :: Learn new skills: DIY cement votive kit from Zatka Decor.

I have created the perfect kit to provide the distraction you or your kids need. It's been wildly successful with orders available locally with free curbside pickup and shipments across the country. 

3 :: Get new prints made of the family.

I'm the worst at making the time to hang new pictures. But how refreshing would it be to walk up and down those stairs with new pictures of my sweet family staring back at me! Get off Netflix and go click a few buttons on your online photo store of choice!

4 :: Add a note writing station & get fab handmade cards from Tiny and Snail

These two sister's will blow you away with their creativity and will have you dancing in no time. Follow them on Instagram as well. They have such refreshing designs and provide inspiration during all the roller coaster moments life can send our way. I've just placed a big order and can't wait to get to it! 

5 :: Add fresh new greenery with Flora & Frills.

My mom's birthday was recent and Joy from Flora & Frills made it such a special day. I live over 3,000 miles away and she was able to send that special touch to remind her how much we miss her and love her. See you soon hopefully mama!!

6 :: Spice it up! Salt and Pepper cellars from Zatka Decor will raise your cooking level.

We're all spending a ton more time in the kitchen and dining room together. Spice things up and get salt and pepper cellars. Now if there was something to make the cleaning up more fun! We have also started selling plants with our planter so that you can have an instant garden.

7 :: Relax & Rejuvenate with Crazy Love Bath & Body.

Another fab duo this time husband and wife team. These two used to do outdoor markets like me but now we both have shifted online. Their Dancing Sunrise body lotion is now a staple in our kitchen after washing our hands so much! Next I need to try out their donut shaped bath bombs I ordered... I'll probably need it after spring break is over this weekend!

So, now it's time to TAKE ACTION!

Let's all create a space in our lives to nurture us and allow us to connect. You're not alone... let's do this together. Join me on Instagram too, I often have good tip in the stories.

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7 Ways to REFRESH your home :: on a Budget