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Don't Forget!

Don't get caught off guard with each day blurring together.

I have a creative solution for you with our newest DIY Picture holder kit.

OPTION 1: You make the holders and print up pictures online. Presto, you've just made the perfect handmade gift of which you'll get ALL THE OOOO'S AND AHHHHH'S and eternal love from your sweet mom.


OPTION 2: You let your Mom make it because of course you know your mom so well. Throw in a few new pictures she hasn't seen yet and BAM! YOU are the favorite kid now!!!

So it's only a week and a half away.

Don't procrastinate and just click HERE. Then you are DONE! 

Now you can go back to searching on Pinterest for more meal planning ideas and at home exercise routines.

Take care and until next week,




The kit provides all the supplies you need for a set of 6, minus water! It can hold pictures, your favorite bread recipes and loving cards from distant family and friends.

The added bonus of this DIY Home Decor project is that your house or your mom's house will get a little revamping without breaking the budget!

This kit is geared to be the easiest and a small scale project. You get detailed instructions with pictures to guide you along the process.

We can get creative together and good things can happen.


(any ship fees will be refunded if accidentally charged at checkout)

Kit includes :::::

Cement, 6 Paper clips, 6 Glass votives, Instructions, and a Hashtag to share on Instagram!


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