Never ending re-org

Hello my friends. It's no surprise with our launch day approaching that I've been busy in the studio, but I've also been busy re-organizing the studio as well. It never happens all at once. A huge leap forward was when I carved out one corner of the garage about a year ago. I painted the walls, resurfaced the work bench, purged old art studio items no longer needing front and center valuable work space. And most amazingly a friend gave me a portable air conditioner [ WHY had I not thought of this before now I'll never understand...I live in LA none-the-less.] 

We all love a before and after, so here we go:

studio before painting and reorganizing  studio after painting makes space feel so much brighter and welcoming    

Fast forward many months and I'm re-organizing again. This time removing an old refrigerator that made more space for the bikes. But what I'm most excited about is the work I did just behind the studio. I cleaned out roof tiles, grass and weeds [along with a devilishly strong fig tree] to make room for more bench workspace!

We all love a before and after, so here we go:

before image, wasted space with weeds, grass  after removing grass/weeds, making more workspace behind studio